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Pinched Nerves

With A. L. Wilding, D.C.

A National Health Family Practice

Everyone’s Talking About “Pinched Nerves”

What is a pinched nerve and where does it come from?  It is not uncommon for our clinic to examine several patients per day with symptoms of a pinched nerve.  Symptoms may vary widely from patient to patient.  It may result in pain, swelling, numbness and tingling, or an actual decrease in muscle size or use of a particular part of the body.  A nerve may be pinched in one area of the body and cause symptoms in another area, such as a nerve being pinched in the neck causing symptoms in the arm or hand.  The cause of pinched nerves may be attributed to many things.  Some of the most common causes in our practice are pressure from misaligned vertebrae, slipped or ruptured disc, trauma, or pathological changes in the body, such as cancer or infection.  Treatment may Only be rendered as a result of proper diagnosis.  Diagnosis of the cause is the key.  Neurological, orthopedic, physical, x-ray and laboratory procedures must be administered in a careful manner.

Chiropractors are trained in these areas of diagnosis.  When consulting a physician, pay close attention and make sure you are given a comprehensive examination to insure proper diagnosis.